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AMPLITUDE TECHNOLOGIES is the global expert in the science, design and manufacture of high performance laser systems for a variety of specialist applications.

ln addition to systems used for fundamental physics research, the company is a leading authority in the medical research domain including radiography and cancer treatment projects.

AMPLITUDE TECHNOLOGIES offers worldwide project management experience. Its comprehensive project management program provides industry-leading levels of customer support.

From the first steps of the design concept, to laboratory installation, training and ongoing after-sales requirements, the Amplitude team is on-hand to provide the support the application demands.

Over a decade' s experience in the Science, design and development, and support of state-of-the-art systems in the field means that every AMPLITUDE TECHNOLOGIES system is engineered to be extremely robust and reliable, offering unparalleled performance no matter what the application.

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A pioneer company

2011 : Inauguration of the Amplitude Technologies office within the Pythagore business incubator program in Shanghai, China, serving the Asia/Pacific region.

2010 : Inception of the groundbreaking SAPHIR proton acceleration development project, based on Petawatt-class laser technology, for the treatment of cancer. 

2009 : Delivery of the TT-Mobile laser system for atmospheric studies at ENSTA, France. 

2006 : First commercial ultra-high contrast, ultra-short 200 TW laser system for particle acceleration at the INRS, Canada. 

2004 : Production of the first commercial 100 TW laser system for HPK, Japan. 

2001 : Creation of Amplitude Technologies close to the Saclay plateau region of Paris, by a team working in the domaine of Femtosecond laser technology since the 1990s.