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Antoine Jeandet on French national public radio | April 4, 2018  

Antoine Jeandet, phD student with University Paris-Sud, CEA and Amplitude speaks about his research work on femtosecond laser metrology (in French).

Amplitude email change | October 11, 2017  

As of October 16, all email addresses within the Amplitude companies will follow the format firstName.lastname@amplitude-laser.com.

Previous messages with older addresses will continue to reach their intended recipient.

ELI-ALPS facility inaugurated. Amplitude to supply PW laser | June 12, 2017  

On May 23, the Grand Opening Ceremony of the Extreme Light Infrastructure--Attosecond Light Pulse Source (ELI-ALPS) took place in Szeged, Hungary. With the building that houses the Hungarian pillar of the biggest European laser research project now complete, the lasers can be erected and the facility partially open to users in 2018, before reaching full operation in 2020.

ELI-ALPS inauguration

Amplitude Technologies has been selected for the supply and commissioning of the HF laser system at the ELI Attosecond Light Source Pulse Source (ELI-ALPS) facility in Szeged, Hungary, one of the three pillars of the ELI program in Europe dedicated to attosecond science with light sources delivering ultrashort pulses between THz and X-ray frequency range at high repetition rate.

The HF laser system will provide 2 PW laser pulses with duration down to 17 fs at a repetition rate of 10 Hz.

Aurora CEP ultrafast laser system from Amplitude, San Jose, CA | March 15, 2017  

To address the needs of customers based in the North American region, the large-scale high peak power femtoscend lasers, traditionally manufactured at the company’s site in Paris, are now also produced at the company’s 52,000 sq. ft. facility in San Jose, CA, using Continuum DPSS lasers as pump sources.


The first U.S.-built Aurora CEP laser system is the ultimate tool designed for strong field laser-matter interaction. In the short pulse mode, the laser’s pulse duration is less than 20 fs FWHM, while in the tunable mode, the central wavelength can be tuned continuously within 100 nm window with a simple adjustment of the Control Command software. Aurora CEP produces ultrafast laser pulses at 10 kHz repetition rate with pulse energy greater than 500 μJ. Thanks to the CEP (Carrier Envelop Phase) stabilization loop, the laser achieves stability better than 250 mrad.

   Aurora CEP ultrafast laser system     Aurora CEP ultrafast laser system

    Aurora CEP ultrfast laser system pumped by Continuum Mesa DPSS laser

This high performance laser is used for nonlinear optical excitation such as High Harmonic Generation, four-wave mixing, and parametric processes. Such techniques give access to a broad range of wavelengths from the VUV to IR, with femtosecond or attosecond time resolution, enhancing the capabilities of pump-probe spectroscopy methods for probing atoms, molecules and even surfaces on an ultrashort time scale. 


To learn more about Aurora CEP Series of ultrafast lasers, contact Pierre-Mary Paul, PhD at pmpaul@continuumlasers.com


Amplitude is one of the world’s leading providers of ultrafast and high energy lasers. From petawatt peak powers to kilojoule pulse energies and high average power industrial systems, Amplitude offers a wide range of systems for medical, industrial and scientific applications.

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> October 11, 2017
Please note that as of October 16, all email addresses within Amplitude will follow the format firstName.lastname@amplitude-laser.com
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> June 12, 2017
ELI-ALPS facility inaugurated. Amplitude to supply PW laser
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