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AMPLITUDE wins three prestigious awards | January 25, 2012

Amplitude Group is the global expert in the science, design and manufacture of high performances femtosecond LASER systems for a variety of applications. The two sisters companies, Amplitude Systèmes and Amplitude Technologies, have just received three prestigious awards for their latest technologies developments.


On the first hand, during Photonics West 2012, Amplitude Systèmes won the PRISM Award with its SATSUMA ultrafast fiber laser. The Prism award is an international competition recognizing cutting-edge products that break conventional ideas. The SATSUMA HE is a compact, high energy ultrafast fiber laser, delivering ultrashort pulse duration (as low as 250 fs), high repetition rate (1 MHz or more) and high energy (up to 10 µJ) in a compact, and highly stable housing. It is the most advanced ultrafast fiber laser available on the market today.


On the other hand, Amplitude Technologies received two Innovations’ awards for the SAPHIR project:

  • The prize for the Innovation Ecosystem implemented through the SAPHIR project from the consultancy group BearingPoint, the economic magazine L’Expansion, the institute Ecole des Ponts ParisTech and the custom market research firm Harris Interactive (December 2011).
  • The prize “Talents for Innovation” from OpticsValley, the Paris region cluster in Optics and Photonics (February 2012).  

SAPHIR is a collaborative project led by Amplitude Technologies and gathers well-know research institutes and companies in oncology or laser-plasma science research together. It aims for determining the technical and economical viability of high energy laser-based systems for proton therapy, as an alternative to the classical particle acceleration techniques for curing cancer.  The final goal of this project is to realize a compact and affordable system in order to be directly installed in hospitals, and thus spreading the use of this treatment.



Amplitude Technologies finalist of PRISM Awards 2014 for PULSAR PW laser system | December 17, 2013

For a third time, Amplitude has been nominated as a finalist of the Prism Awards, for its Pulsar line of PetaWatt high energy ultrafast amplifiers.

The Prism awards are an international competition recognizing cutting-edge products that break conventional ideas and improve life through photonics.

The PULSAR PetaWatt laser system, based on the Ti:Sapphire CPA technologies, represents the state of the art technology for the high energy physics community. Laboratories studying particle acceleration for medical application (protonterapy research) and X-ray generation benefit from the highest peak intensity, with unmatched temporal contrast ratio and a user-friendly computer control system.


more information on http://www.photonicsprismaward.com/


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