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La proton-thérapie par laser : le projet SAPHIR 质子激光治疗:SAPHIR项目   Download the article

This article deals with the SAPHIR project led by Amplitude Technologies, a French company specialized in manufacturing high power lasers for the fundamental and biomedical research.  This article explains the reasons why this project aims at determining the technical and economical viability of laser protons therapy, as an alternative to the classical particle acceleration technics for curing cancer.  The final goal of this project is to realize a compact and affordable system to be installed directly in hospitals, thus spreading the use of this treatment. The different radiotherapy technics are reviewed and the laser protons generation is presented.

The original version of the article is in Chinese.

Ref Optics Journal : QPC LASERS OE Products & News  2011.3

Hubei Scientific Report   Download the article

The speech given by one of Amplitudes Sales Representatives at the OVC exhibition in Wuhan was choosen and published in the annuel scientific review of the Hubei provence. The article contains 380 pages dedicated to new technologies and particularily to optics and lasers.
The article was edited in Chinese and English by the science and technologies office in Hubei.
Here is an extract of the article concerning Amplitude Technologies.

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