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Amplitude Technologies works to provide solutions for the future and today proposes a PetaWatt laser system working at 1 Hz for proton therapy and fundamental physics.


The laser system:

 The PW laser architecture which is proposed by Amplitude Technologies is the one designed for  the SAPHIR project, e.g. prepared for  repetition rates up to 5 Hz. Pump lasers TITAN of the PW amplifier have 5 Hz repetition rates capability while keeping the same performances.

PetaWatt configurations include the latest development from Amplitude R & D to achieve high peak power system with unique performances;

  • Ultra high contrast front-end head SUPER BOOSTER – delivering a temporal contrast of 14 orders of magnitude
  • Highly reliable TITAN 10 Nd:YAG  pump laser delivering more than 10J at 5 Hz with the best price per Joule of its category
  • Highly sophisticated control command system based on a modular and open software architecture and on modern integrated sensor technology 



The application: Particle acceleration for proton therapy

With more than 55 000 patients treated in the world, proton therapy has proven its efficiency.  It constitutes an excellent treatment in certain cancers today.

However, the implementation of this technique requires a heavy and expensive infrastructure around particle accelerators, which today constitutes as a major limitation in its development. While the need is estimated at more than 500 centers in the world, today only around thirty are in service. With an ultra-intense laser like the PW, the ephemerally created electric field would allow to accelerate protons until 150 MeV for heavy particles and GeV for electrons.  These energetic particles may be used for medical applications, especially in Oncology.


 If this approach is resolved in a reproducible way, we can envisage the manufacturing of useful machines of a suitable size and at a reduced cost, at least with regard to the current devices.